Teens having interracial sex with older men

Opposites attract. My grandfather has been telling me that for years and sure enough, everywhere I look I see how right he was. Young schoolgirls have crushes on their teachers and most secretaries develop some infatuation for their employer sooner or later. Nurses are vigorously riding their old patients and end-of-career gynecologists are spending just a tad bit too much time investigating clitoral areas of first-timers. But age isn’t the only thing in which opposites attract. Race and background can serve just as well.

What about girls aching to be shafted by a large black man? Or an old fat slob who gets to have sex with an outgoing ebony teenie? It doesn’t have to be white-on-black interracial either – just check out the latina nympho above and see for yourself. In fact, women are attracted to just about anyone outside of their own social environment. Caucasian girls perceive dark-skinned men as being mysterious, highly sexual and hung like a moose. Whenever they see a handsome black guy walking down the street, they can’t help but picture themselves getting plowed by black monster cock so hard they’ll have to pee upright for weeks on end afterwards. Interracial sex has always been a popular flavor.

Now imagine a cute white teen having sex with an aging black man. Right! There is a God! Ever since the beginning of time, white girls have been getting wet just thinking about black men fucking them. There’s an entire fetish dedicated to white couples inviting black guys over for a fuck with the wifey. It’s called cuckolding and it’s been around for ages. Old/young relationships involving teens are actually quite common when compared to cuckolding. It’s not just white girls hooking up with older black men – you also see a lot of white grandpas being seduced by ebony teens!

An older guy dating a girl with a different ethnic background has to deal with even more prying eyes than the usual old/young couple. There’s not just the age gap taboo – the racial stigma can be a much bigger impediment if you happen to live in certain areas. Though the couples themselves essentially stop caring about public opinion once the sparks start flying. Interracial old young sex tends to make up for all the downsides! I guess it’s true. Once they go black they never go back.


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